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Severine WATRY


Living in New York City, I am from France and I am in love with Photography, NYC and Colors! These are my creations, I hope you will enjoy!

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brooklyn bridge photographs

“I didn’t choose Photography, Photography chose me.”

— Gerardo Suter

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A little about me

I have always been empathic, curios and emotionally connected to everything around me. I was and I am still a dreamer and a believer in life and destiny. I am from France and I have always dreamed living in the USA and especially in New York City. I can’t explain why very young I knew that I needed to be there, it was something in my genes and in my blood. And now that I have discovered my passion, Photography, I know now the meaningful reason.

I have done photography for few years now and I was thinking to find my style and I wanted to mix what I love the most, Photography, New York City and add colors. And one day, I found the way to do it and I have started my creations. I want to share that with you and I hope you will like them and feel the hapinness I have put it them.

Thank you!


Featured by Empire state building Instagram Account and been in all New York city Streets featured by NYC Link, the WiFi stations.

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“We love your feed @severine.watry, Keep up the great work!”

Grace Hall (@gracehall_ldn)

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“Amazing capture!! And great visuals in your gallery! I can’t wait to see what comes next”

Jesse Ortiz (@jesse0rtiz)

Photographer, Street/Urban Adventures

“This is stunning. You’ve literally encompassed my favorite things. The Empire State Building and the water”

Adriana (@jauntvoyager)

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“Hey I’m really enjoying your photos. Very nice!”

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